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Belter & Housewash Autumn Special


A Belter of a Product & the Ultimate House Wash  – Unbeatable Deal!

Don’t think 30 seconds is long enough?
Tired of Wet and Forget forgetting to work?

  • Bleach-free, Biodegradable Sanitiser
  • Economical, safe – and it works!

Belter will get rid of Mould, Moss, Algae, Lichen, Black Spot and General Organic Growth on surfaces. The active ingredients will provide a sanistising effect and provide some residual treatment.

Show n’ Shine House Wash is a special blend of detergents designed to clean a wide variety of soils from Houses, buses, cars and also building exteriors. Show n’ Shine House Wash is very free rinsing which ensures a streakfree finish on all washable surfaces. Show n’ Shine House Wash is also designed to be used through water blasters.

  • Will remove dirt and grime from all washable surfaces.
  • Will remove mould and fungi from all washable surfaces.

Product special is available as 2x 5 litre pack (one of each).