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Belter & Housewash cleanup before Winter – The Ultimate Exterior/Yard Combo


will get rid of Mould, Moss, Algae, Lichen, Black Spot and General Organic Growth on surfaces. The active ingredients will provide a sanistising effect and provide some residual treatment.


Show n’ Shine House Wash

is a special blend of detergents designed to clean a wide variety of soils from Houses, buses, cars and also building exteriors. Show n’ Shine House Wash is very free rinsing which ensures a streakfree finish on all washable surfaces.

Welcome to HomeSafe New Zealand

We are a family owned and operated company with over 30 years experience in Property Maintenance, Pest Control, Timber Preservation and Agriculture. On our staff we have a qualified Entomologist, Agronomist, Naturopath, Licensed Pest Controllers, HASNO Certified Approved Handlers, MAF Biosecurity, NZFSA and Biogrow Approved product handlers.

We have local manufacturing, re packing and warehousing facilities which enable us to offer the highest level of service. Our business is based on the premise of only supplying quality products that solve the specific needs of our customers. All of our products are either manufactured by us or are sourced from manufactures that have a proven track record in supplying products that suit our stringent standards.

We offer a comprehensive range of products that address basic, but none the less, problematic situations within the home, garden and rural environments. Where ever possible we offer the lowest toxicity and most environmentally friendly solutions possible. Our aim in to minimize any impact on the environment as possible, This includes recycling packaging, minimizing the use of documentation, paper, inks, cleaners  etc.

We are a founding member of the GETINSTEP Sustainability program with monthly audits to measure our Carbon footprint and help in our planets sustainability long term. It is our aim to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services backed by sound and professional advice. We sincerely hope you find the right products and services for your specific need in our store and that you will become a regular customer of Homesafe Direct.

“If our customers win how can we lose”

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