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Permethrin 500EC

Permethrin 500EC-500ml


• To protect timber, wood products and natural products from insect attack
• Home use insecticide for common spiders, borers, cockroaches etc

Homesafe Permetherin 500EC contains 500g/L Permethrin in the form of an Emulsifiable Concentrate and has been formulated for maximum efficacy while being safe to use.

It is available in 1 litre, 5 litre and 20 litre packs.

  • Perfect for plywood, engineered wood products and laminated veneer lumber treatments
  • Suited for large scale pressure, vacuum or dip immersion
  • Safe for in-forest hand applied spray application of freshly felled logs
  • Very low mammalian toxicity – safe to use
  • Long-standing and successful insecticide properties
  • Clear colour for non-staining
  • Contains non-flammable solvent
  • Little odour – practically odourless application
  • Has a wide spectrum of uses for the professional pest control or commercial user
  • Compatible with most common building products
  • Comes in a concentrate form easily miscible in water
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  • Homesafe Permetherin 500EC is suited for a wide variety of insecticide uses, preventative and remedial and can form part of an Integrated Pest Management Strategy
  • As it is readily mixed in light oils, solvents or water, it can be used for many differing applications and end uses.
  • Large scale applications might involve pressure treatment plants, dip immersion tanks or inline spray applicators.
  • For Pest Control uses, hand spray systems would be recommended to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • Refer to the Homesafe application manual for more detailed application systems.
  • Clean up application equipment with water, mineral turpentine or similar solvent.
  • Contact your local representative for additional information or advice


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