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Oilrid Product Range

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OilRid® is the brand name for a range of products for the safest, most effective remediation treatment for oil and hydrocarbon based spills, stains and odours in the market.
Suitable for use in both commercial and domestic environments, OilRid® products are a certified non-hazardous, environmentally safe and fully biodegradable and encapsulating range of treatments.
OilRid® removes oil and fuel spills from every type of surface, including water, making the range of practical applications almost limitless.

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OilRid Water Soluble (HE-1000) is a high-performance bio-stimulate that
effectively accelerates petroleum hydrocarbon remediation in a fraction of the
time and costs of the market’s leading bio-remedial brands. HE-1000 is a
concentrated synergistic blend of synthetic, bio-degradable, non-toxic, nonflammable
surfactants and select nutrients that stimulate and energize
indigenous bacteria. When diluted with fresh water, or salt water, the solution is
capable of breaking down hydrocarbon masses into microscopic spheres or
droplets upon contact by spraying or mixing. These droplets become tightly
suspended in solution and remain stable in the rinse and treated media.
Noticeable evidence of this action is an immediate change in the color of the oily
media, as well as reduction / elimination of hydrocarbon odours.
OilRid Water Soluble (HE1000) has been successfully utilized to remediate
surface soils, surface water, waste water, and surface impoundments
impacted with petroleum hydrocarbons in the lands and waters of the
United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Ecuador, Nigeria, China,
United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Kuwait. Additionally, the product was used
to clean equipment, degas storage tanks, provide odor control, and act as a fire

OilRid (OS) Powder is a patented super- absorbent polymer. It’s unique attributes can
reduce the time and costs associated with remediation and the
clean-up of a wide variety of fuel, oil and other hydrocarbon spills on water or
on hard surfaces. OS Powder provides a fast, simple, safe and affordable
means for not just absorption, but microencapsulation of oil. Spills and
permanently encapsulated on contact and the end product floats indefinitely
and exceeds USEPA leeching guidelines for non-hazardous disposal. OS Powder will
reduce the risk liability and costs.
* Instant absorption on contact
* USFDA listed non-toxic
* Absorbed powder bonds together into floating mats
* Floats indefinitely for easy retrieval
* Will not adhere to shorelines or other materials
* Hydrocarbons are contained permanently
* Exceeds USEPA leeching guidelines for non-hazardous disposal
* Can be recycled or used as a bulk energy source

For Oil Spills on Hard Surfaces and Soils. .
OilRid (OS) LIQUID is a unique absorbent offering solutions to remediate and clean-up hydrocarbon
spills from hard surfaces and soils. Through a patented microencapsulation process, hazardous
characteristics like ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity are quickly eliminated. This two
part solution rapidly desorbs, emulsifies and binds spilled materials into a solid, inert, stable residue.
Oil is pulled from solid surfaces and associated fumes and odo u rs are eliminated on contact. OS
Liquid dries into a non -hazardous silica (sand) that effectively locks the hazardous components into
a stable, environmentally safe residue.
* Reacts on contact
* Removes hazardous spill properties instantly
* Eliminates odo ur and ignitability
* Desorbs oil from hard surfaces and soil
* Leaves surfaces safe for natu re and wildlife
* Dries into an environmentally safe and stable silica
* Safe to leave dry on a spill site
* Exceeds USEPA leeching guidelines for non -hazardous disposal

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