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Homesafe faq

Welcome to Homesafe Directs Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is our aim to proved all our customers with the most concise and relevant information on all of our products and services. Listed below are some of the most frequently asked question. If you fail to find a suitable answer to you queries please do not hesitate to email or call us.


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about pest and home management that the team at Homesafe often get asked by customers:

Q: What about Cockroaches?

A: Use Gourmet Ant Cafe Gel Baits for long term treatment

Q: How do I control Ants?

A: Use Gourmet Ant Cafe Baits for safe baiting

Q: Do you have something for Borer?

A: Borer Stopper is the answer for the treatment and prevention of Borer infestations. It is safe for around the home.

Q: How do I stop the Rot?

A: Rot Stopper is the perfect treatment and cure for hardwood or softwood decay. Formulated for use in leaky buildings repair, higher strength means once only treatment.

Q: How do I remove Mould?

A: Mould is a consequence of dampness. Look at sources of water, i.e. fix leaks if possible. Then spray on Belter for the quick clean or Mould Stopper for residue long term treatment. Both are safe for use around the home and do not contain acids or harmful bleaches.

Q: What do I use to clean before painting?

A: House wash is a specially formulated product for cleaning hard surfaces prior to painting or just maintenance. For mould, lichen or moss, pre treat area using Belter or Mould Stopper.

Q: How do I get rid of flies and mozzies?

A: Our Premethrin is a concentrated insecticide used by Professional Pest Controllers for the treatment of flying and crawling insects. It can be easily diluted in water and sprayed around the home and garden.

Q: My timer deck looks aged and dirty, What can I do?

A: Timbawash is the first course of action. It is a bleach free soak and wash product that will help clean off the ingrained dirt, mould and tannins. Once cleaned and washed we recommend our deck pro oil based clear timber protector to revitalise your wood and reduce your maintenance.

Q: I have Kwila stains on my concrete, How do I fix it?

A: High tannin or coloured hardwoods like Kwila and Saligna can stain post construction. To minimise the effect of tannin and resin bleed use Timbawash several times to clean out the tannis from the timber. In our harsh climate it is abvisable to coat all timber for outdoor use. We would recommend Deck Pro to reduce the effect of weathering and water damage.

Q: What can I use to treat Macrocarpa?

A: For inground use Woodext Oil Based Timber Preservative or for above ground use No More Rot which contains additional weathering protection.

Q: What do I use for the end sealing of treated timber?

A: Woodext is ideal for resealing and end sealing treated timber. This is an oil based copper or zinc based fungicide, so it is similar to the old metalex type of product.

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Homesafe Directs Products:

Q: Are all your products suitable for use around the home?

A: Yes, all Homesafe products are manufactured, specifically with the DIY and home maintenance enthusiast in mind.

Q: Are Homesafe products safe to use around Children and animals?

A: Of course you must always follow the instruction on the product labels. However, all Home safe products are designed with the health and safety of your family as the prime concern.

Q: Do you have a return policy for damaged or faulty goods?

A: Homesafe stand by all our products and we will refund in full any damaged or faulty products provided the conditions of our return policy are adhered to.

Q: What is the shelf life of Homesafe products?

A: There are various use by dates on the different products. Please consult the label for the appropriate information.